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 Have you ever had an idea? 

And that is what it stays. An idea. A one day I’ll do that idea.

You sit on this idea for months, years, forever. 
"one day" 

Most of the time it never comes to fruition. let's be honest. Life is busy. There's work, there's raising children, there's taking care of your health and your family and friends. There's a lot going on. 

 That was me.

"one day" became one year, then two, then three. Then I made a decision in January of 2019 
"one day" was here. 


Rain. the label was created.

  We have been online for two and a half months now; and overdue for an introduction. 

So hi! How are you? Welcome to my fourth child (after my two babes, Leon (1) and Romeo (4) and our family chihuahua, Gallagher (10)) 

My name is Chloe. And with the help of my Mum and my Partner, rain was created.


Why did I start rain? 

The world is becoming more conscious. And it's great. Never before have I considered what I am buying in all aspects of life until around a year ago. 

My conscious journey started with plastic, then moved into our food choices and finally into our wardrobes. 

I  - like most mums, love to purchase my kids cute and comfortable clothing. After Romeo, I realised that the good quality, higher priced items that were made from natural fibres were the items that I had left for Leon to wear. 

I also found it quite hard to source the styles that I liked in NZ. I wanted to create some clothing that was unisex, wouldn't go out of fashion and that would last through numerous children. 

and yes! We also do Women's. That was a natural extension after I started designing the first kids samples (and purely because I wanted those styles for myself!) 


A little bit about rain.
   A while back, I asked you guys if you wanted to know anything and got a couple of questions through about why I chose the name rain, and if there was any meaning behind it. 
Honestly, there's no particular reason that I chose this name. I had started to play with Maori words, and rā was the first name I really liked. Its a noun for "sun/day" and now I think about it, it's quite funny that I landed on rain - as its the opposite really. 
I associate rain with bringing life to the world. It waters our plants, it fuels our rivers and feeds us. It creates beauty. 
Our journey so far. 
 So. how has it been? 
Sourcing materials in NZ is actually really difficult.
There are so many limitations on what you can do when you are committed to keeping your clothing natural, ethical and sustainable. 
The colors we chose for the season were available from our Fabric supplier - which is so lucky because most suppliers in NZ only have white, black and grey.
Trying to source sustainable trims is also very hard when we are invested in supporting local NZ businesses. 
We have managed to do it. There have been a few roadblocks, a lot of discoveries and a lot of learning curves along the way, but I am so happy with what we have created so far. 
I will always be transparent with our customers, and I will always thoroughly investigate NZ suppliers and businesses before heading offshore for any designs. 
I am so excited for the future of rain. and I hope that you will continue to support rain and encourage conscious choices in your life.  
Chloe x

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