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We chat to Danielle about her conscious journey.

Danielle France

I caught up with Danni @themustardjumper while she was in Auckland to chat about her journey into choosing to purchase from ethical brands.     

Danni is 29, lives by the beach in Christchurch with her family and the cutest kitten Stanley. She loves to surf, thrift and asks the hard questions about where products are sourced and made. Danni also shares her story about emotional abuse over on her Instagram – she is such a beautiful, down to earth soul and I am so glad we got to meet – like seriously, how amazing is Instagram?

What started your journey into becoming a conscious shopper?

Three things.
1.   I looked into my wardrobe and realized how many clothes I had.

2.   I started to feel anxious about what to wear each day, I wanted to keep up with trends but it was expensive and wasteful.

3.   I watched the documentary “The True Cost” - the most hard-hitting by far. Go watch it! 

I am about one year into my journey now and will never look back.

Is there an area in your life that you found easier to change?

For me, it was Fashion. I actually got a lot of tips from Ethically Kate, the best advice is to start in one area and once you have done that area, start on the next. That way it's not so overwhelming and you get the hang of it.

What are some of your favorite ethical
brands to buy from?

Right now - Veja ShoesMarlo by Marlo and Matt & Nat
are on my radar.

I actually thrift majority of my wardrobe 
and love it.

It's fun, you meet new people and get to
give items a new home!
Plus - you can always on-sell your
thrifted pieces to make room for more. 

What steps can someone take to start making better choices for the earth through their purchasing?

1.     Assess what you already have and work out what would be a good piece to add that you would wear multiple - like at least 30 times - and will last.

2.    The biggest question to ask is “am I going to wear this? Will this item go with more than one other item?”

3.     Sell what you have first before you purchase more.

4.     Don’t be scared to wear the same outfit more than once.

Any other tips or advice for someone wanting to make more informed purchasing decisions?

Don’t be afraid to ask questions of brands (even massive ones)

Instagram is a great platform to ask questions and you often will get answered.

Try not to follow the trend and be a “conscious consumer” just to keep up; it’s important to know why you are making those choices. It makes you feel better as a consumer too; knowing that you are supporting a company who is trying to make better choices; which ultimately affects you and the planet you live in.

Danni x

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