Capsule Wardrobes - tell me more!

So .. what is a capsule wardrobe anyway?

Wow – I aimed for a blog a month, and suddenly it’s August and I’m thinking about my Spring Wardrobe already.

Do you need a new wardrobe every season? Most definitely NOT.
The perk of a capsule wardrobe is that you have all the basics, all year round; and you add in key seasonal items. 


Let’s start by debunking some common myths about capsule wardrobes

  1.  I have to throw away all my clothes and start again. Wrong. You probably have a capsule wardrobe sitting in your closet… somewhere.

  2.  My wardrobe will consist of 5 items, and they will all be beige. Wrong. Keep your personal style girl! Just minimise the amount of items.

  3.  People will notice. Wrong. Honestly, unless you wear the same outfit every-day for a week .. no one is going to blink an eye.

  4. I can’t stay on trend. Wrong. You can still buy on-trend, and seasonally add to your wardrobe ..just try to minimise the amount (do you really need 5 check blazers?)

  5. Only wearing one pair of Activewear – gross! Wrong. Activewear is not part of a capsule wardrobe – as aren’t socks, underwear, swimwear and accessories!


Ok … so what is a capsule wardrobe?

Basically; it’s a mini wardrobe that contains your very favourite versatile pieces. Each season, you shop for key pieces to pair with your wardrobe essentials. It’s a mix of tops, outerwear, dresses, bottoms and footwear.

It really is that simple. 

Here’s how to build your own capsule wardrobe

  1. Empty your wardrobe. Yes. Marie Kondo it. Put it on your bed, your floor, in the lounge. Just get it out.
  2.   Sort into 4 piles
  • I LOVE THIS. Anything you would wear in a heartbeat belongs here.

  • Maybe? Anything you can’t let go of (maybe it sparks joy?) Maybe it was expensive. Maybe it’s too small but you have plans to fit it soon. Put it in a box and store it away, if in three month’s time it’s not been touched – it’s time to let go.

  • NO THANKS. Pretty self-explanatory. Sell it. Swap it. Donate it.

  • SEASONAL. Anything not currently in season, but would wear when the season rolls around.
   Put all your “LOVE” & current “SEASONAL” items back in your wardrobe, take a       step back and assess. Do you need to purchase more? Keep downsizing?

There’s no perfect number for a capsule wardrobe. Some do it with 12, some 37, some 50. The point is – you don’t need 5 white t-shirts, 20 pairs of jeans or 12 dresses to be stylish.

    Keep your capsule for 3 months, and re-assess at the start of each new season. Out with the old – in with the new!

    My top pick for Spring would have to be the Rain Short in white - Crisp, easy to pair with a chunky knit, blazer and my favourite sneakers .. ps don't forget to accessorise!

    Chloe x




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